What is Modern Art?

Kandinsky Jaune-Rouge-Bleu, 1925
Wassily Kandinsky “Jaune-rouge-bleu”1925 / Public Domain

Welcome to La Modernista!

We are here to share our love about the Modernism in the arts. 

Our aim is to bring new references and explore how modernism happened around the world.

Modernism is a concept that appears not only in the arts (visual, literature, architecture, design, music, dance…) but on ideas and it’s a reflection of its times.

19th century industrialization, innovation and technology pushed forward society, exploring new ideas about life, work, thinking and also about the arts. It’s a break from the traditional past and a look to the future.

You can surely find a lot of books, videos and blog posts about modernism only a Google search away, but on the first posts we’d like to suggest some introductions about Modernism.

We start with Modern Art: 

What is Modern Art? 

The Moma series “Modern art & Ideas” is part of the course with the same name, offered on Coursera.

Here they answer the question, focusing on the ideas that modernity brought (instead of chronology) and their influences in art making, using examples from their famous collection. That’s an interesting introduction into the topic with many familiar – and loved – names (Van Gogh, Frida Khalo, etc.).

After that, if you want to go a bit further check the full course on Coursera and Moma learning. Both are worth it 😉

Modern Art & Ideas @ MoMa

Expressionism, Cubism, Suprematism?

Starting in the late 19th century and going until the 1960’s, there are a number of movements that shaped Modern Art: Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, Fauvism, Concretism, Suprematism, Surrealism…

They have different styles, techniques and subjects, but all of them incorporate the search for the new.

To get an overview about them, check this entry in the Tate art terms glossary that also uses examples from their collection.

Centre Pompidou also has a great playlist, where they introduce their most important artworks and you can have a glimpse of the movements.

Chefs d’oeuvre @ Pompidou

There you have an intro to Modern Art!

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