What is Modern Architecture?

Centro Niemeyer, Alviles, Spain
Centro Niemeyer, Alviles, Spain / Photo by VJX MEDIA on Unsplash

Today our suggestions are for you to learn more about Modern Architecture.

Let’s get to them!

As we said in the previous post, the concept of Modernism appears in the context of the Industrial Revolution and is a rejection of tradition and a look to the future.

In architecture, these ideas start to develop based on new materials for construction mostly the use of reinforced concrete, glass and steel. 

The rejection of ornaments and the idea the “form follows function” and “less is more” is also key to understand Modernist buildings.

It’s quite hard to find nice quality/content videos that give an overview of the subject, so we are suggesting some that talk about some architects and their works instead.

The Barcelona Pavilion

Barcelona Pavilion
The Barcelona Pavilion / Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash

The Barcelona Pavilion was built by Mies Van der Rohe and Lilly Reich for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona, Spain. Simple lines, geometric forms, open plans and large windows, it’s all there. The video by Fourth Wall is super well made and has beautiful imagery. 

Barcelona Pavilion@Fourth Wall

Le Corbusier

Villa Savoye By Le Corbusier
Villa Savoye by gifrancis is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

We can’t talk about modernist architecture and not mention Le Corbusier. He was a Swiss architect, urban planner, writer and painter that is considered by many the most important and influential architect of the 20th century.

This short animation explains some points of his new approach to construction.

Le Corbusier 2.0 @ Alix Bossard

Brasília: a modernist icon in Latin America

During the ’50s and ’60s, modernist architecture spread around the world and in Latin America, one of our favourite examples is Brasília, built to be Brazil’s new federal capital. 

It was projected by Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer and comprises both government buildings and residential areas.

The wonderful Catedral de Brasília (Cathedral of Brasilia), Palácio do Planalto (president’s workplace) and Palácio da Alvorada (official president’s residency) are icons of modernist architecture. 

In this Google Arts & Culture entry, you can learn more about the history and construction of this Unesco World Heritage site.

Which one is your favourite? Let us know 🙂

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